Dagger Moon Cabaret

The Dagger Moon Cabaret is a small show that takes place every month on the waxing crescent.

One late night years ago, on my way back to my campsite at the Oregon Country Fair,  I stopped and stared at a very bright crescent moon and noticed for the first time a crater jutting out past the terminator into the earth’s shadow. After staring for a good long while, I made my way back home and saw my friend Salamandir arriving as well.  I told him about what I had just seen, and he said, “oh, yes, that’s called the dagger moon. It comes from a story of Ganesh. The crater is Ganesh’s tusk sticking into the moon – thrown there in frustration after the moon would’t leave Ganesh in peace one evening.” The story stuck with me, returning to memory from time to time. Years later the idea for a night time show came to me. A show where my friends and I could perform for each other, creating a certain mood and pushing ourselves a little bit out our comfort zones.  A space to work on eliminating the things that get in the way of self expression. Ganesh, being the remover of obstacles, came to mind and the Dagger Moon Cabaret started moving toward reality.

Performers are encouraged to try something new. All involved must perform a solo act in addition to any ensemble work they do, and at the end of the evening all performers must create a peice together.

This will be the first Dagger Moon Cabaret. Opening the night will start off with Salamandir and his meditative overtone music. Choroloco will play a short set, and everyone involved will perform a solo act as well. Please come help us kick off the event!